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74. [follows 72.]
Reef Knot Mat
To make: over
a stretched cord
middle a n sufficient
^even number of foxes,
pieces of 1" rope [?],
according to the in-
tended width of the
mat (fig 1.) These
foxes should be 3 to 5 6 to 10 times the
intended length of the mat (3 to 5 times when
middled). If it is intended to knot tightly
they must be longer; if loosely, shorter.
Take the 4th fox [? part] from the left ( no 2) across
to the left, & having shifted the left hand
fox as shown in fig 2, pass no 2 across
under no 1. Take 1 back, across to the
right behind i & i i & through the bight of
2; thus forming a half knot round i & i i
(fig 3.) Now take 2 to the right in front
of i & i i & across under1 (fig4); take 1
back, behind i i & i to the left and through
the bight of 2, thus completing a reef
[p 76]

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