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VI. 113. "Noeud de Bowline Simple". 131.
Burney 19.
Mor. 591.
Inside Clinch Running Clinch (Jetsum p6.)
Other names: Inside Clinch
Slip Clinch . T.B.p11.
To make: As shown,
with two or three seizings.
a , b or
In the figures a is a
throat and b a [quarter??]
seizing, but provided
they are both secure the technicalities
may be disregarded.
Uses: To secure cables to anchors
and generally, as a running loop. To
secure buntlines to the foot of a sail. (J.6.)
Characteristics: The arrangement
avoids a knot and therefore strains
the rope less. The turn should be
taken against the lay, so as to
keep the strands of the rope unopened.
When pulled taut, it jams. (M.) The
seized end against the object which the running
part surrounds.

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