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[Deleted: or vice versa, but otherwise let the
position be the same. (fig 6.) *Continue
as from fig 3, twisting the right hand
strands (1 & 2) over the others (3 & 4) and
so on. Tighten the plait from time
to time. The result will be, not a
flat plait, but one resembling a tight
chain. (fig 7.)
It will be noticed in fig 1, that
after the plait is fairly started, each
part goes over three & under three al-
ternately, and this may suggest other
methods of working it.
] The theory
of all these ^tubular plaits is this: If a
rod be taken & a number of strands
by laid round it like the helical
threads of a screw or the strands used
in worming, and if then an equal num-
ber of strands are laid round the
rod in the reverse direction, crossing
the first set at right angles and
passing alternately over & under them

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