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for knotting & tucking the two ends
as in a longsplice. Put a mark
on the strand at 3/8 of its length
from one end. (By middling, then middling
the doubled parts, & middling again the
rope will be bent into eighths.) Let
the shorter part be a & the longer
b. Pull a through the right hand
ring p from the back towards you until
the nark reaches the ring. Then twist
the two parts together ^hawser-wise so that they
cross as even number of times. In
fig 1 they cross 8 times. For every
two crossings there wil be one ^axial turn
(iii.225-6) of a shroud-laid rope in the
finished cringle. Put both a & b through
o from the front. Bring up b at
the back and lay it above the part
a hanging down. Take it on & down
from the front through p. (fig 2.) The
cringle so far is a hawser. Now lay
up a & b in the vacant lay shown in

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