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fig 5 is the best, and it can be
adapted to pitchers without handles
by tying a band of cord round
the neck of the pitcher & over the
Characteristics: The binding^jamming power of
this knot round the mast &c. it
encircles is that of an overhand,
not of a clove hitch, though in
structure it resembles the latter.
If the bights of a clove hitch are
shifted as indicated in fig 6, the
Jury Knot (without the half knot)
is formed.
This is not the same knot
as the Tom Fool's Knot of i. p. 79,
though it resembles it in many ways.
^(see i. 80)
The Jury Knot can be made on
a cord with joined ends, or the ends
may be joined after the knot is made
& used as a third bight. Before doing^But it must be
this however it is best to

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