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Handkerchief trick performed with
this hitch.
[Diagram crossed out] Lay the centre (c) of a
twisted big handkerchief
or scarf over the top of
the knee & bring the ends under
& up to top, where tie with reef
knot (k.) The ends are in reality
brought back as in
[Diagram] the figure, and the part
at t forms a toggle
with l for a loop. This
will bear a good strain as long
as the two parts of the "loop"
are strained tight, but a smart
upward lift under k releases
the whole. ("Puzzles" 1905. no 24.)
Bead trick. To 2 thin strings is ^are apparently
doubled twisted together, but really ar-
ranged thus ^as p 223. B:- Beads are strung on each ^the 4 ends
pair of ends tied, ^tied 2 & 2 anyhow and a bead
conceals the hitches. A spec-

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