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as shown. (c) As shown in Fig 4. A
large half hitch is made above
the level of your head. Hold
the rope at c with the left hand,
pull the bight d through to the
right at the same time pulling
downwards till the whole is tight.
Uses: p.247.
Characteristics: By pulling
a an overhand is left. To undo,
pull both parts of the bight d
This knot is an overhand with
the same end twice tucked in. The
first tuck forms the common running
knot; the second tuck restores the
overhand, neutralising the first.
Or it may be regarded as a
running knot with the end once
tucked in.
Tom Fools & Jury knots are not
very suitable for these hitches as b
necessarily runs, as well as a.

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