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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


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[Vertical : [ Copied exactly except black pencil
marks. Where I have put an ink
mark [squiggle] the blue is partially
erased. Where I have put
the mark [double-headed arrow] the blue
ought to be erased, or one
double-cord loop is unsupported.
Where I have put [phi] the blue
is strongly marked, as though
over the black.]
[Vertical : "12 knot "]
[Caption : Bough]
[Caption : {Appears as one knot,
drawn tight.]
[Caption : If the birds had left
a alone it would have
been reef 12 hitches
as it was = a T. H.
[Caption : marline]
overhand knot in
end [arrow]
[sic HNGB]
no doubt a
[Caption : { ditto
This is the knot Long did
not unravel & is [therefore] only
approximate. It commences
with {Sailors knot
& reef 12 hitches &
ends with an overhand.]
[at angle :Supporting double cords.]
"These knots were all drawn very tight. The lower end of the marline appears to be a

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