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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


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Phaethornis eremita (Little Hermit
humming bird.)
Phaetornis griseogularis (Grey-throated
h. b.)
P. Eurgnome
P. P pygmaeus (Pigmy Hermit h. b.)
Hylocharis cyanens (h. b.)
Trochylus Polytmus [?] (Long-tailed
h. b.)
Oreotrochilus leucopleurus (White-
sided Hill-Star) h. b.
Cometes sparganurus (Sappho
Comet g. b.) or Bar-tailed h. b.)
Oreotrochilus Chimborazo (Chim-
borazian Hill-Star.)
Grypus Naevius (Sawbill h. b.)
Thalurania fancopis (Brazilian
Wood Nymph.) h. b.
Chrysolampis moschitus (Ruby
& Topaz h. b.)
(Most h. bs. use cobwebs to attach.)

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