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Alternative method of Netting
Having cast on the loops as before,
and with the mesh-pin held in the
same position with regard to them
(p. 6. ) bring the ^ needle & slack twine down
over^ in front of the pin, .^ (fig 17) up behind it, throu under
& up through the first loop ^(fig 18) and then
pull the twine until the loop is
brought down taut against the
upper edge of the pin.^ (fig 19) Nip the twine
just passed through ^the loop with the left thumb to
hold it in position; throw the slack
in a bight over to the left, pass
the needle from right to left under
the two sides of the loop & over
the bight ^ (figs 20, 21) pull the knot tight on
the upper edge of the mesh-pin. Con-
tinue the same process
This method is less confusing than
the first, involves less wearing of the

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