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twine, is easier to a beginner, is by
some claimed to be faster, and ^ but is lia
liable to give rise to slipping, badly
formed knots ^* It involves passing
the needle twice for each knot. However
It can be used for “breding” edges with
or without employment of a
mesh-pin. (cf p16) It is possible to net
in this way without a needle & using the
left forefinger as a mesh-pin, withdrawing it
from each loo mesh as made.
Alternative to Casting on (p. 4.)
Make any a temporary loop a (fig 22)
^ using a slip knot [symbol * in a circle] and support it over a hook (or on a
foundation cord, letting the slack fall
down to the left. Net by either
method onto this loop; slip the
mesh-pin, turn, & net onto the mesh
just made. So proceed until twice the
number of
^ as many knots have been netted as compared with meshes required for the
[symbol * in a circle] (or other knot which can be entirely undone from the free end,)

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