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String Tricks.
(1)"The Mouse"
Take a piece of string 4 ft long
(about) & tie or, better, whip the ends
together. [in pencil, overwritten, illegible] & let the join or knot hang lowest. Suspend it over the L. hand.
palm towards you, fingers pointing
to R. Put R.H. finger 1 to [underlined in pencil 3 times] L of string
hanging overpalm, on between L.H.
thumb =X & 1, hook string lying over back
of L.H. through to palm side in
a loop; give this loop a cable
twist; ^(fig 1.) withdraw R.H.1. from loop
& put it push it back over L.H.1. drawing it
tight by pulling string at back. ^(fig 2)
Repeat the same process, hooking the
string through L.H.1 & 2 & putting
loop over L.H. 2; then hook between
L.H.2 & 3 & loop L.H.3; then hook
between L.H.3 & 4 & loop L.H.4. Now slip
L.H.X from its loop & nip this loop
between L.H.X & 1. (This is the "mouse".)
With R.H. take hold of the string

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