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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


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pull up a bight &, without revolving
it, bring it behind over L. instep and
cant forward over L.F. just as before.
(fig 6.) Withdraw [upside-down V] and L.H. and ex-
tend feet. The ring falls to the ground
& and the loop is on the feet with
the parts crossed (fig 7.)
[line in middle of page]
(II.) Fingers freed.
(For simplicity a peg is supposed to
be used: in Jayne the forefinger of
a 2nd person is employed, but, with
a little skill, the forefinger of
one's own L.H. can be used, and
perhaps this is the best plan.)
Hang string as No 1. p 40, over a
peg projecting from a wall. (fig 1.)
Grasp the two parts together at bb1.
with L.H. With R.H. 2 hook L string
at a across R. string & in front (fig 2.)*
Turn R.H. palm upwards & insert R.H. 1.
*Don't put the finger between the strings but on the left
of the L. string at a

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