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Lasso :
The Making of a Lasso.
A lasso is easily made as follows :
Procure thirty feet of half or three-quarter
inch rope and two thimbles (Fig. 1). Unravel
about a foot of the rope at each end and splice
it on to the thimbles, as in Fig. 2. Dress with
tallow or other grease, and you have the
finished article.
Stick your Scout's staff or a cricket stump
into the ground in an open space: then taking
your stand, with your
legs a little apart, at
a distance of about
twenty feet from it,
hold the lasso as in
Fig. 3, taking care to
allow plenty of rope
for the noose and the
slack rope between the
right and left hands.
New rope is apt to
kink; therefore do not
get impatient if you
cannot get the noose to
work easily at first.
Having adjusted the noose, whirl it round
your head with an even motion of your right
wrist and forearm, keeping your eye on the
post and your left hand in an easy position by
your side. When you have got up sufficient
momentum on the whirling rope, let it fly from
your right hand, at the same time letting go
the coils in your left.
"The Scout" 16.4.1910
[The round
thimble is
to slip over the
finger so as to
retain the end
not thrown.]

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