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Henry Bushby Transcription Pages


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Square Lashing.
Put clove hitch or timber hitch on vertical spar at a .
Bring running end down in front of hori-
zontal spar on R, to L behind V.S., up
in front of H.S. & to R. behind V.S. (figs.
1. i.) Continue in this way, taking the
rope outside the last made coil on the
HS & inside do. on the V.S. so that the
rope never crosses itself (figs 2. ii, 3. iii.)
Then put on frapping turns & finish
with a clove hitch b on either spar.
(4, iv.) At every turn strain well and
hammer close throughout. Use-strained
sound rope, not too thick to lie
nicely. Wedge if necessary.
Take circumference of spars in inches. Add half
the no of inches to it, & call feet to obtain length of
rope required. Thus 18" + 9" = 27 (feet.)

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