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Purling - ^(2 needles) This is reverse knitting. The R.H.
needle enters as fig ^1 4 .p. ^103 99 ,& the slack
is on the nearside of the work instead of
the off side as in knitting. The stitch is
pulled through on the R.H. needle to the R,
instead of the L. Cross the slack over between
every change from purl to plain & v.v.
Stocking or seam stitch . (2 needles.) Rows
alternately knitted & purled, giving different
but flat surfaces on either side of the work,
Ribbing . ^(2 needles.) If a certain number of stitches are
knitted & the same number purled
and in the next row purled under the
knitted, & knitted under the purled, & so on
alternately, it follows from the preceeding
paragraph that longitudinal ribs are formed.
Double Knitting (2 needles.) Cast on an even
no. of stitches. With slack on near side
slip & end stitch purlways. (p.100.M) With
slack on off side, knit next stitch. So
alternately. Each row will have , in the row
above & below ^it. knitted over & under slipped

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